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Please Help Fix my Face!

That is exactly what Dr. Dino Madonna, MD can do for you. At Face 2 Face Aesthetics and Wellness located in The Villages and Leesburg, under the medical supervision of Board Certified Facial Plastic Surgeon Dr. Dino Madonna, MD, our superior staff provides clients with the best options available to find innovative solutions to achieve the look our clients want and desire. Every visit our patients have with our professional staff starts with a “face to face” consultation, to best ascertain the look that our patient is striving for is. Clients from all different ages, gender, ethnicity and walks of life visit Face 2 Face Aesthetics and Wellness in search of solutions to appearance issues that many of us have or will suffer from.

Dr. Dino Madonna, MD specializes in surgical facial cosmetic enhancements and reconstructive procedures that are designed for the facial areas and the neck. As a plastic surgeon, the artistry of the work of Dr. Dino Madonna, MD, can be seen in not only his surgical procedures, but also in other non-surgical procedures such as laser skin resurfacing, dermal fillers, such as Restylane®, and other facial injectables like Botox®.

With his profound surgical knowledge and precision accuracy with injectables, Dr. Dino Madonna, MD has all the tools needed for a plastic surgeon to enhance and rejuvenate the face and neck back to a more youthful state of appearance. Patients often come to us inquiring to find out more about the numerous services we can perform, including a face lift, a neck lift, a chemical peel, rhinoplasty, blepharoplasty– and that is to name just a few. Treatments and procedures can be used alone or in conjunction with other surgical and non-surgical options. Our staff at Face 2 Face Aesthetics and Wellness take good care to provide all of our patients with the proper at home daily regimen to maintain the beautifully refreshed image that has just been obtained.

Dr. Dino Madonna, MD and our expert staff use only the finest and most reliable products available. We never push expensive and unwanted services or products and take special note to generate a plan that is tailored to fit our client’s individual budget. Innovations in advanced skin care technology have led to a diverse array of non-surgical treatments. Facial fillers and injectables can be used to assist in correcting a wide variety of conditions ranging from lips and skin lacking fullness and volume, a patient in need of a neck lift, or as an alternative to a nose job. This method in particular, has proven to be a very useful dermal filler, providing a non-surgical option to many varying circumstances.

What is Restylane® and how is it Used?

Restylane® is an injectable facial filler formulated with non-animal sourced hyaluronic acid, which is already a normal and naturally occurring component of the matrix for your skin. Because of this unique formula, allergic reactions are typically not encountered in patients, whereas an allergy test is needed for many other collagen based products. This also makes Restylane® a great product for patients who may experience concerns that a filler may exacerbate the skin condition rosacea. It is used to add fullness and volume to the facial skin. This method provides a plastic surgeon with a viable alternative for patients who many not be the best candidates for surgery, for whatever the reason may be. In comparison to other dermal fillers, Restylane® is a stiffer gel and is able to hold its form and structure in comparison to other types of fillers and makes it the perfect candidate for patients who suffer from moderate to severe lines, wrinkles and folds in the facial skin.

Restylane® can be used by a plastic surgeon in a variety of different applications, such as a non-surgical neck lift, nose job or blepharoplasty procedure. Thousands of our patients have trusted their skin to the hands of Dr. Dino Madonna, MD, for only the most precise facial filler injections and beautiful sculpting and contouring. It should only be administered by a board certified plastic surgeon or other licensed practitioner.

I don’t like my Nose. Should I get a Nose Job?

Rhinoplasty, most commonly referred to as a “nose job”, can be a surgical or non-surgical procedure in which the nose is reshaped to improve appearance, correct a breathing issue caused by defects in the nose, or to create balance and correct nose proportion. In addition to providing patients with a face lift or neck lift, Dr. Dino Madonna, MD also specializes in numerous cosmetic procedures for other facial areas to include the brow, ears, chin, eyelids and also the nose.

When rhinoplasty surgery is performed on a patient, it can be done using either local or general anesthesia. Rhinoplasty can be completed either as an outpatient procedure or may require an overnight stay in the hospital or surgical care center. During a nose job surgical procedure, the plastic surgeon will make small incisions in order to access the bone and cartilage in the nose. The bone and cartilage is reshaped, rearranged and some may be removed depending on the desired result. Patients who elect for surgery can expect bruising and swelling around the nose and the eyes and may face complications after rhinoplasty. Surgery comes with risks such as injury, infection, nasal blockage, bleeding and other complications. It is also important to take into consideration that surgery is permanent, so there does need to be a consensus on expectations between the patient and doctor.

Non-surgical nose job procedures differ greatly from surgical rhinoplasty. Filler injectables are much more affordable, are not permanent, require very little down time and have less risks in comparison to surgery. Restylane® also allows for our clients the opportunity to try out a different nose before committing to surgical rhinoplasty.

Restylane® injections have been often called the “15 minute nose job” because of the short duration of time needed to complete the procedure. Plastic Surgeon Dr. Dino Madonna, MD uses a fine needle to administer precision injections to several targeted areas in the folds of the nose, in the nose and on the bridge and tip of the nose. The procedure works by filling in the wrinkles and likes within the skin. An injectable filler nose job using Restylane® can correct an asymmetrical nose, smooth out bumps, straighten a curve or to change the shape of the tip of the nose. Our patients are able to return home immediately following the completion of this relatively pain free treatment.

Restylane® can also be used in combination with rhinoplasty to enhance the nose and achieve the final result the client is seeking, or it can be used as a liquid nose job to augment an existing procedure if having revision rhinoplasty is not a feasible option. Dr. Dino Madonna, MD and our experienced staff at Face 2 Face Aesthetics and Wellness make it our mission to fully educate our patients about all their options, including what to expect and what is the overall outcome they hope for.

My Neck Skin Sags. Can Dr. Dino Madonna, MD give me a Neck Lift?

Dr. Dino Madonna, MD prides himself on his specialty work he creates when he give a client a neck lift, or lower rhytidectomy. No more do patients have to fear the dreaded double chin, jowl lines, turkey neck wattle or saggy, wrinkly, droopy neck skin. Patients visit Face 2 Face Aesthetics and Wellness hoping to have a trained plastic surgeon aid them in regaining a beautifully contoured neck that may have lost its youthful appearance due to stress, heredity, gravity, environmental conditions or weight gain. Many clients are not ready for a full face lift because the face itself still maintains a youthful appearance and a neck lift provides to perfect solution to help the neck area match the upper facial look.

Neck lift surgery to relieve neck waddle can involve alterations or removal of the neck muscle called the platysma. To eliminate fat buildup that has deposited in the neck area, a plastic surgeon will opt to conduct liposuction and remove excess fat through a small cut below the chin. When a patient suffers from too much skin, a neck lift can be achieved by trimming the extra parts of skin and lifting the neck skin and securing it in place with either stitches or special medical grade tissue glue. Depending on how extensive your procedure is will determine your level of discomfort, recovery time and required after surgery care.

Restylane® is a great non-surgical alternative to achieve a desirable neck lift by tightening up the jawline jowl, also referred to as Nefertiti neck lift. Utilizing Botox® injections into the platysma muscle to help relax that particular muscle resulting in the upper face muscles becoming much stronger, essentially lifting the neck upwards. When a patient is suffering from a drooping and sagging jawline due to loss of volume associated with aging and gravity, hyaluronic acid dermal fillers such as Restylane® can be injected into the areas that hang down to restore plumpness, removing the jowl look and restoring the area to appear younger. It is common for a plastic surgeon to use a combination of surgical and non-surgical procedures to provide patients with the optimal neck lift.

At Face 2 Face Aesthetics and Wellness, Dr. Dino Madonna, MD our trained staff will be able to provide you with the treatment that best fits your needs.

Is Blepharoplasty a Common Procedure?

Yes, Blepharoplasty, which is a surgical reconstruction or repair of an eyelid, is a common procedure and may even be a necessity if the sagging eyelid creates an issue with the patient’s vision and ability to see clearly. A plastic surgeon will elect to conduct blepharoplasty surgery for patients who wish to correct disfiguration on the eyelids, fix any defects or deformities and for aesthetical modification to the eyelid to remove excess skin and fat.

Blepharoplasty procedures are performed by a plastic surgeon who will make surgical incisions, using either a scalpel or laser, along the natural occurring creased skin lines on the lower and upper eyelids. This helps camouflage any scarring that may remain from after the surgery. Excess fat tissue and skin tissue is then removed from the desired area and the incision is then stitched shut with a special type of stitch that will completely dissolve in approximately four to six weeks following the blepharoplasty. As with any procedure, it is important to discuss with your doctor what risks and complications are associated with blepharoplasty.

Dr. Dino Madonna, MD is able to provide the brightness and alertness to the eyes many patients seek without surgery. Filler injections of Restylane® can be used as a non-surgical alternative to give the eyes an uplift. As an expert injector, Dr. Dino Madonna, MD targets the areas around the brow and around the eye region to provide a fuller and less sunken look, resulting in an eye lift with a natural look. This is a great way for our patients to gain the desired look they want without the cost, long recovery time and potential increase in risks of surgical blepharoplasty.

I Suffer from Rosacea. What Treatment Options are Available to Me?

The facial redness and bumps of rosacea can leave an individual concerned about procedures that will cause irritation. Thanks to hyaluronic acid, the naturally occurring substance found in our skin, Restylane® is a strong choice for rosacea patients electing for a non-surgical nose job, neck lift or blepharoplasty. The unwanted inflammation, flushing and bumps of rosacea can also be treated through various available skin treatment methods.

At Face 2 Face Aesthetics and Wellness, under the medical supervision of Dr. Dino Madonna, Licensed Medical Aesthetician, Tammie Callahan, and Licensed Massage Therapist, assist in finding the best solution for our clients and their skin. Visit our location in The Villages and Leesburg to begin your revitalization of youth.

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