Repair of Mohs Surgery Defects

Mohs surgery is an advanced technique performed by specially trained dermatologic surgeons who specialize in removing skin cancer(s).  Mohs micrographic surgery (MMS) is a state-of-the-art skin cancer treatment designed to remove cancerous cells while leaving healthy tissue intact.

Skin cancer has the highest propensity of being on the face, and most commonly the nose.  Repairing the scar from the surgery and returning you to a more natural look is of great importance to skin cancer surgery patients. 

Depending on the size, complexity and the location of the surgical site, your Mohs surgeon may refer you to a facial plastic and reconstructive specialist such as Dino Madonna, MD

Dr Madonna will coordinate with your dermatologic surgeon to determine the best time and approach to providing the most appropriate facial plastic procedure.  Dr Madonna’s commitment to the artistry of facial plastic surgery may be most apparent during a Mohs defect repair – providing a patient with the confidence that their appearance is in the hands of a skilled, board certified facial plastic surgeon.